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I love aluminium!!! And here's why you should too..

You're here, you've clicked on my products and under material it says aluminium. Aluminium?! Isn't that more cars and cans? Well yes, but that's how versatile this material is. I would say about 80-90% of my products are aluminium or have some element of aluminium in them and there's many reasons why, so let's have a closer look.

As I've said, it's versatile! It's so widely used in so many uses. This is because it is one of the most available resources on the planet. In fact it is the second most abundant metallic element after silicon. This also means it is sustainable (and who doesn't like the sound of that now we know how our planet is suffering?) and even better - recyclable, remember where your drinks cans go. This bountiful supply means it is cost effective which allows designers, such as myself, the ability to produce statement pieces without an eye watering statement price tag.

Aluminium is also incredibly light in weight as well as on the pocket. This design hardly weighs anything at all so you won't feel weighed down all night. Even the full sized tails only weigh a few pounds as they are also constructed entirely out of aluminium.

Another advantage is the look, I mean look at that shine! It could be mistaken for sterling silver, and it often is. But silver tarnishes and I know I have a heap of old necklaces that don't get worn anymore because they just look icky! But with

aluminium I can give them a luxurious bath in soapy water and they look as good as new. Oh and another thing, yes you can get them wet and they won't rust like some other cheaper alternatives. This is because they don't contain iron. And do you know what else they don't contain? Nickel!

Nickel is one of the highest causes of allergic reactions in jewellery and no one wants that. Aluminium is known as hypoallergenic which means there is a very very low risk of it causing a reaction. Which opens up so many possibilities to people who have not had the opportunity before. I know from experience that there isn't much choice out there and at a reasonable cost for people like me who can have reactions to jewellery.

However, look at just some of the colours that are available through anodising. So many possibilities! Did I hear you say hot pink with a touch of sunset yellow and a flash of lime? You've got it! Also anodising the aluminium provides with a harder coating making it longer lasting leaving your bespoke design looking amazing for even longer.

So there you have it, I could wax lyrical about the benefits of aluminium as an alternative material all day. And like I said, I love aluminium and you should too.

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