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Hard times incoming

Just in case you have been living in blissful ignorance (and if so, I applaud you!) it would appear the world has stopped turning in a flurry of toilet roll and hand gel. The #Coronapocalypse is happening and there's no escaping it. Events are being postponed, small businesses are feeling the fear and getting creative - because in times of adversity, that's what we do!

I for one am putting on my battle armour (good job I'm in the business of chainmaille) and have joined up with other traders and artists who rely on conventions for a large majority of our income - and Virtual Cons are popping up all over the internet. I have applied for this one here which is happening on the 26th April, details are still to follow but definitely looking into if you are missing out on your Con fix as there will be guests, talks etc as well as a virtual artist alley and traders. Also this one here from the organisers of the Brighton Comic and Gaming Festival that has been postponed until September.

Next weekend also sees the Alternative Market online event where I will be showcasing some new exclusive items as well as some favourites with a twist. You can find the event details here , just click on each date to say you are going so you don't miss out on any updates.

In terms of online shopping and receiving your purchase from me not much has changed. I have always given each piece a little bath in soapy water so it looks great (I mean, who doesn't have a wash before going out and looking their best?), I'm pretty much a hermit anyway so self isolating has been an ongoing practice for quite a few years and I can still get out to the post office. Royal Mail have released their own statement about the virus saying it is safe to receive parcels and letters, so you can still click 'BUY' and I will still be doing a happy dance.

Things that have changed are for the good. Free UK shipping is now reduced from £50 to £30. Bargain!! And I'm happy to send to a gift address and include a personal note with gift wrapping, especially important as it's Mother's Day on Sunday (eek) or there may be birthdays coming up or you might just want to cheer someone up who is self isolating. We all need to pull together at this time to make the world a shinier place.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, and each other....(tell me I'm not the only one who used to watch Jerry Springer religiously....come on, all together now....Jerry...Jerry...Jerry. Ok, being a hermit may have taken it's toll).

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