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Happy New Year!! (kind of)

I know it's not the first, or the even the second - truth be told this may not even be finished within the first week. But the sentiment still stands, just a little bit on the wonky side like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Anyway, I'm afraid I won't be jumping on the bandwagon of the '10 year challenge', I didn't like the person I was back then and she doesn't need visiting, she can stay in her little black bubble of low feelings. However, that does mean that I learned a lot from the changes I have made that are especially useful now.

The main thing was that I learnt to say 'no' - and I'm sure many of you can relate to that one. How many times have you agreed to something because you felt obligated, were too nice, have so much to give? Truth is, it just leaves you with nothing left for the important things. So last year saw me rebrand, tweak the direction I was going in and not stand in cold halls amongst bunting and knitted hats trying to sell my work that just didn't fit in. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those events, just not for me. Instead I chose to be more selective and focus on the events I wanted to be at. That way it didn't matter if I wasn't the most successful person on that day, because I was having fun and who doesn't want to visit a trader with a smile on their face. 2020 will see much more of the same!

Boom! Check me out with my ambitious plans. As you can see I'll be travelling around the country a bit, which is great as only the good people of Kent have met me before, yet also a bit scary. Please, if you're local to these events it would be great to meet you. I am still adding to this list (Kent Miners Festival is a new one on the 31st August in Deal, Kent), but if you see an event that you thinks needs some maille - tell them to contact me or keep tagging me until I take the hint.

To coincide with the focus on conventions, there are some new pieces being added to the site including a wider range of tails, dice bags, some swanky scalemaille bikinis and for those of you who like to make your own cosplay I am now offering scale patches and chainmaille patches in any sizes.

I could probably add lots to this post, but I'm going to start waffling soon. But just know that I'm planning on making 2020 my biggest year yet and I thank you all for being part of my journey.

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