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That was nice while it lasted...

Last week it was confirmed that all of the conventions I was booked into have been postponed until next year. As I said in my last blog post ( HERE ) , I've been very fortunate to have online to fall back on. It's hard work and I certainly would say to think very hard if you think I or anyone make it look easy - we lie! On that note there has been a massive upsurge in creativity to come out of lockdown. I've noticed more and more people wanting to try new hobbies and that's great, if you ever want to learn chainmaille I may even consider online classes one day.

As a thank you I wanted to do a giveaway, especially as I zoomed past 1K likers on facebook so if you're quick and head over to my facebook you'll find the giveaway (ending 15/08/2020) on the pinned post.

This support for small businesses during this time has been astounding. For many of us we had to change how we operated overnight, from offering more online sales, online classes and learning SEO - the world of small business has changed and I don't see it changing back too soon. But what has that meant for me? Well one thing I've noticed is that a lot more people are buying earrings and necklaces - could it be all those Zoom meetings perhaps? I know I for one have sat here in my PJ bottoms with a full face of make up and my hair done :-)

I think we can all agree that we're just waiting to get through 2020 so we can put all this behind us. My event calendar has come down and I'm looking forward to getting one for 2021 and in the meantime the Christmas planning has started. I'm not sure what Christmas will look like this year so to make it a little easier I'm still offering to send parcels direct to other addresses - I'll even gift wrap for Christmas! And now you can buy gift vouchers too because we all know some difficult to buy for people too.

I think that's all for my musings today, I'm off to stop Mini Maille from practising wrestling moves on my bed.

Catch you on the flip side,


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